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    Compression Techniques

    Ok I have a nice Cannon Digital DV Camera that I have been shooting me and my girlfriend on, and I would like to make it available on the web. I am using Adobe Premiere for video editing and would like to compress it into a WMV file. Well the video says that it is 640 x 480 in Adobe Premiere and I am wondering if there is a way to compress that into a WMV at that same size? Each time I compress the file the Frame Size decreases drastically. The WMV encoder doesnt allow me to specify a custom Frame Dimensions?

    Any ideas, or is there better software? I am on a PC.

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    Re: Compression Techniques

    I dont know much about Premiere since the only time i tried it it worked, but for MPG conversion....

    What i would suggest is you try is this:

    When you are compressing (during export i guess) by saying you want it for web viewing, it will automatically switch size to make the file "web-bearable"... However, i suggest you just exprt the file as you would on your desktop..regular size and choose compression from there..

    I dunno if i am making any sense, but look basically start by exporting for normal viewing, where size does not matter, and then when you get the controls, change them accordingly..

    Another software though not that easy to use (depends on you really) is Avid is free and has alot of pro capabilities....

    hope this is not too obscure


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    Re: Compression Techniques

    if you get the right pluggin you can do it im premiere very nicely, but the cheaper (albeit slower) option is to export the edited movie as an uncompressed avi file then import it into windows movie maker then save for playback on my computer and explore the settings there. i think the quality you are after is one of the defaults.

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    Re: Compression Techniques

    Save your files as raw avi. Then use the free Windows Media Encoder, it has as many options as you want:

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