last week i was having major troubles at work getting premier pro to talk to a video camera. i tried a whole heap of different things, i checked all my camera and capture settings i tried different firewire ports i tried different cameras and different cables, i even tried to capture some analogue footage all with no success. the error message i kept getting was "device control not available try resetting camera" this error message should point to faulty hardware however after hours of trolling through adobe's help pages and in the end resorting to wikipedia, i worked out that sometime a faulty or corrupt codec is to be blamed. I had earlier in the week downloaded some publicly available applications to test them, and they had installed corrupted divx codecs on my system. uninstalling these problems had me up and running straightaway, although i lost nearly a days worth of editing in the process. :mad2:
(always wanted a reason to use that emoticon, something good has come out of it. oh and i picked up some new software for my mac this weekend dirt cheap, so i now have i movie hd to play with. I won't stop using final cut pro and premiere pro, but it will certainly be fun to have a play with.
happy cutting people!