Hi, I have a budget of aprox. $2000/- for a camcorder. Purpose is special effects, chroma keying, documentaries and short films. SONY Sony HVR-HD1000 - is suitalbe and so is SONY new HDR SR 12e handy cam. both have 1080i, clear cmos etc except one is smaller.
my question are:

1. Do you think SR series handy cam can give the same quality footage as hvr hd 1000

2. Will I be able to digitize analog video through hvr hd 1000 camcorder

3. ill i need a matrox or black magic card if i have firewire in my pc. is there a card for vidoe editing ecceleration like 3d accelaration

4. What PC or mac solution will you consier for video editing in after effect. if my computer budget is $2000/- too.