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    advice for a small DV camera?

    I would like to buy a small hand-held DV camera. I know very little about them and my only criteria are:

    - high quality video
    - can shoot in widescreen mode
    - small enough to possibly fit in a pocket
    - good lcd screen
    - good battery life
    - anything else I should be looking into?

    I have no idea what to expect for price, however it is not really a concern.

    Any advice?


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    Re: advice for a small DV camera?

    I have a ZR700, made by canon, and I love it, it works wonderfully for everything I do, and captures images very true to life. Fits in a pocket, widescreen, great battery life, fanstastic screen, everything you have listed, it applies to. Has a built in light, and the only thing it lacks is good darkness shooting, but thats not a problem for me.
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