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    Your SLR camera maintenance routine

    How do you guys maintain your cameras?

    I've heard some people put their cameras/lenses in plastic bags? is that only when they don't have a camera bag to place them in?

    how often do you guys clean it? clean what? with what?

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    Re: Your SLR camera maintenance routine

    My camera maintenance is pretty minimal. I use a rocket blower to blow dust off of the sensor when I notice it showing up on my images. I use the same rocket blower to blow the dust off of my lenses almost every time I go shooting. That's pretty much it. If I'm out in the rain, or snow I try to keep it covered as much as possible. If rain or snow get on the camera body & lens, I will wipe them off with a dry rag.

    I use a lens cleaner, and lens cloth to clean both the front and back elements of my lenses every once in a while.

    The only time that I would put my camera in a plastic bag is when I'm out in the rain. Some people will put their gear in a plastic bag when going from a cold area to a warm damp area, such as going inside on a cold winter day. This keeps the warm moist air from inside from condensing on the cold camera. Leave the cold gear in the bag until it warms up to room temperature. If you have a good camera bag, I wouldn't worry about putting things in plastic. As long as the camera bag zips closed good, let things warm up in the bag.

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    Re: Your SLR camera maintenance routine

    Camera maintenance, what's that?

    I do need to clean my DL's sensor though. It got wasted about a year ago during an CV-22 aerial demonstration.
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