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    Is this worth the money...

    I know they say you get what you pay for....I am new to photography and want to get a nice camera......

    is this auction worth the money or are these lenses junk? thanks Chris

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    Re: Is this worth the money...

    I'm not familiar with those lenses but I always advise to NOT buy package deals on ebay.
    The stuff you usually get is cheap and you'll have to replace it anyway. What they call 'deluxe' camera bag and tripod will not be what you want after you have a bit of experience.
    Notice that the wide angle lens is not a lens you put on the camera but something you add to your lens.
    I don't know where you are but you'll note that there is nothing on their site that says they are a canon authorized dealer which means you'll probably get a grey market camera without a manufacturer warranty. If you ask them about it they will most likely try to sell you a warranty or say there is a warranty. The warranty will be practically useless when you try to find someone to fix any problem you may have.
    Find a reputable dealer, buy a body and the one lens you really want after you research lenses....others here more knowledgable than I and it depends on what your photo interests are.
    There are several good dealers on ebay that are manufacturer authorized dealers. You get a manufacturer warranty. Cameta is one and there are others. They all tell you in their site if they are authorized. Also see the dealer feedback forum.
    Good luck!

    EDIT ok I see they do say there is a manufacturer warranty so it may be ok to buy a body from them but I still wouldn't buy the package
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    Re: Is this worth the money...

    I wouldn't touch it. Did you notice that the 2 bonus items, the lens and 10 GB card, also show an additional $4.95 shipping for each item.
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    Re: Is this worth the money...

    yeah i wouldnt buy it, ebay is horrible for fake stuff. i would buy from a local store and pay the extra. then you know its authentic and you have an actual warrenty
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    Re: Is this worth the money...

    I won't bought anything any more on ebay

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