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World Bank heads warned world สล็อตเอ็กซ์โอ leaders not to set global minimum tax rates for companies that are too high.In an interview with the BBC, David Malpass said he does not want to see new regulations that would hinder the poor country's ability to attract investment.The 21% global minimum rate called by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen "made me feel high," he added.Officials said Wednesday they hope to reach a global tax deal by the middle of the year.Ms Yellen said the global minimum tax on companies is essential to halt the "30-year race to the bottom",

which has seen countries cut rates of reductions in companies in an effort to seek investment. Business She likes that all countries agree to a minimum tax rate of 21%, meanwhile, the United States under President Joe Biden is trying to raise the minimum tax rate to 28%.For US lawmakers,Mrs. Yellen has addressed cases where the global minimum tax setting will make the United States more competitive, despite the increase.The UK also wants to raise corporate taxes from 19% to 25% in 2023, the first increase since the 1970s.

Global tax deals

Previous talks led by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have focused on a minimum corporate rate of 12.5%.While the European Commission this week said it supported the idea of ​​a minimum tax. But officials declined to comment on the specific rates.Some countries, such as Ireland, have made reservations on US deals.The global average corporate tax rate is around 24%, according to the Tax Foundation.Europe has the lowest regional rates around 20%.

Mr Malpass told the BBC he was supported by signs of an unresolved focus on global tax negotiations, which stretched for years without settlement.But he cautioned that global leaders will have to consider how the new global minimum tax will be in line with other proposals on carbon taxation and digital services provided by the tech giants - other priorities for. Negotiation It's important to growth for countries around the world," Malpass said. "Tax rates are important for everyone and there is a need for a legal environment that attracts new investments in poorer countries.