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    Wondering what it's all about

    Hey...So I posted previously asking about using features on my new DSLR (thanks for the kind replies)...

    Now after learning about using different settings to prioritize either aperture, shutter lag, both, etc. I wonder how you determine which setting is best...

    (Pardon my ignorence as I state these questions... )

    Based on what I've learned, I can imagine that for example, if you are taking an action shot and want the blurred effect of movement, you would choose a slower shutter lag and smaller aperture for the picture...

    In the event that you were taking a picture of a person where there was a busy background, you would want a larger aperture with a slower shutter lag...etc.

    What other insight can anyone provide on how to choose the best settings for situations?

    Is there a link to a site that I can read up on this or the name of a book you would recommend?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Wondering what it's all about

    Quote Originally Posted by realworld
    Wondering what it's all about
    Sounds like a spiritual problem :wink5:

    Seems to me like you're basically on the right track and just have to start taking lots of pictures so you can experiment to find out what works and when. There's no magic formula. If there was, all of our photos would look the same. The process is part of the fun. That said, understanding exposure really well is a good idea. And I have just the thing for you:

    Basic Exposure Guide >>

    Hopefully that will help you understand and feel more comfortable with the basics. beyond that, you just need to take lots of pictures and experiment with the settings. It never ends

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    Re: Wondering what it's all about

    Hey Photo-John! thanks this is precisely what I needed...

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