Wild animals are looking for a new home in the middle of the city. climate change-pet-raccoon-dog.jpg

Recently, residents of Shanghai have seen a clever dog-like animal hanging around their neighborhood. Experts have confirmed that they are raccoon dogs, or "貉" (hé) in Chinese. Most Chinese have heard of the animal from the phrase ".一丘之貉" (yī qiū zhī hé), which literally means "The raccoon dog on the same hill," which translates to "a bird in a feather,

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but few people knew what this animal looked like until recently. Unexpected guests stayed in the parks and neighborhoods of the city. After the first fun of seeing these strange creatures People soon realized that their daily lives were being compromised. Residents from one of the disturbed neighborhoods complained about nighttime scavengers.

I have to be especially careful when littering. "It's scary. At least 20 or 30 of them just streaked out of the bushes. Their eyes are like tiny bulbs," said another resident. Eight children just blocked the entire road. and my mother was scared They have a devastating effect on our lives.throughout the Pacific Ocean A similar phenomenon occurred.

in the United States The wolf has moved into the metropolitan area. They are just as versatile as with raccoon dog and not more and succeeded in carving a territory for himself in the urban area. They find it easier to access water and food because forests are becoming increasingly impassable due to rapidly changing climates.