The weather at the former British port brought storms.-tianjinport-e1628153228389-780x470.jpg

From transportation backlogs to truck driver shortages The UK is facing a worsening supply chain crisis caused by Brexit and Covid.
Demand is recovering as the world economy reopens, causing supply bottlenecks. Meanwhile,

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tighter immigration rules and bureaucracy for foreign workers have led to staffing issues.But Portsmouth International Ports management said they were going through the storm. by helping to alleviate the congestion of larger and loud deep sea ports

For port director on the south coast of England, Mike Sellers, the situation was unprecedented in his decades-long career in the sector.I've been in the port industry for 30 years and I've never encountered such a perfect storm,

- 'vent valve' -

Portsmouth offers "Valve alleviates short-term supply chain issues" by reducing wait times at larger ports, Sellers said.As a result, Portsmouth's total shipments were down only 10 percent compared to pre-epidemic levels in 2019.

Portsmouth operates smaller volumes of containers that are transported over short distances.The global supply crisis and truck driver shortages have been exacerbated by labor shortages in the UK. This is due to stricter entry requirements