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    wavy line through photos

    A few weeks ago, I started getting a wavy line thorugh my photos on my Canon dig Reb XTi.. This happened during VBS - one photo everything is ok, next photo has a line. My husband was the one doing the shooting at the time but he didn't drop it or bump it or anything along those lines. I've cleaned the mirror/lens, used compressed air, used a brush. Nothing even changes the line so I'm pretty sure it's not just a hair or piece of lint. I've tried looking inside with a light & magnifying glass and can't see anything (not that I really expected to).

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Of course, this happens right before I have two weddings to shoot so sending it off will really be pushing things. So any suggestions or ideas other than sending it for repairs would be great. If you've had this happen and sending it really is the only option, let me know that, too, and I'll get on it.
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    Re: wavy line through photos

    It's a hair on the sensor. Cleaning the mirror and lens won't help. You need to read the section in the manual on cleaning the sensor. The sensor cleaning procedure pops the mirror up so that you have access to the actual sensor, where the hair is. You'll need a big air bulb to blow the sensor off and then you should be fine. Like I said, check the manual. It gives very clear directions on how to do it.

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    Re: wavy line through photos

    just pry open the shutter and mirror with your fingers and pick that hair off the sensor.......


    no no no just do what john said, it would be best if you put it on a tripod and have the camera facing downwards, then go into the system menu to open the shutter by entering the 'cleaning mode'. That way, when you blow the air into the sensor, whatever dust and debris is on it will fall outwards, rather than just being blown around.

    *edit - oh whoops, I'm a little late. Slow forum lately I guess.

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