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    VR in auto mode?


    Is it possible to make use of the Vibration Reduction (or VC) feature in automatic mode?

    I think the camera doesn't know if the VR is on or off and it sets shutter/aperture/iso based on the amount of light available.
    if not, then how to make use of the VR feature?
    can it make a difference in a half-auto mode?

    I have a nikon d3100.


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    Re: VR in auto mode?

    Not sure I follow you here. VR has no effect on camera exposure, but the shutter speed has an influence on how effective the VR is

    VR reduces the lack of sharpness due to camera shake. Without VR camera shake is usually a problem at a shutter speed of 1/the focal length of the lens, and slower. Lets say you have your lens set at 125mm and VR turned off:

    - At 1/250s your image should be sharp
    - At 1/125s the image will start to be a bit blurred.
    - At 1/8s your image will be blurred and unusable

    Now turn on the VR

    - At 1/250s the image should be sharp
    - At 1/125s the image should be sharp
    - At 1/8s the image will be starting to be a bit blurred

    VR doesn't help you:

    - When the shutter speed is fast enough for camera shake not to be a problem anyway
    - If the subject is moving
    - If you press the shutter release like you were playing the piano in Carnegie Hall

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    Re: VR in auto mode?

    ok, thanks.
    its clearer now.

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