Vodafone chooses Samsung for its 5G network-vodafone-joins-forces-dell-samsung-others-open-ran-development1623668431.jpg

Vodafone UK slotxo has chosen Samsung as its 5G infrastructure supplier as it seeks to expand its coverage.One analyst described the move as "Advances" for Samsung in a market expected to be dominated by Ericsson and Nokia after

the UK joins other countries. To ban Huawei products Vodafone said it aims to expand its supplier footprint.Initially, Samsung kits will be deployed in 2,500 rural areas in southwest England and most of Wales.

The South Korean company is one of a handful of companies Vodafone has contracted to build what it calls "the sole proprietorship". "The first commercial installation of the Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) in Europe"

Radio Access Network covers devices that provide the final link between your phone and the cellular network. This includes devices such as cell phone antennas on towers and buildings.

With Open RAN, the network segments produced by multiple suppliers are designed to work the same way. by following the same set of standards

This is because devices from multiple suppliers can work together. The network can therefore be put together using components from companies such as Lego instead of being built by a single supplier.

Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone, said that by using Open RAN, the company will be able to distribute new features simultaneously across multiple sites, increasing capacity more quickly. and fix the "instant" downtime