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    Upgrade Path - Lots of questions...

    Ok, I have been shooting for a long time but on and off. I've recently started getting back into it. I used to shoot a lot of film and b&w and had my own dark room setup. I love digital though. Right now I a rebel D and a Tamron 28-300 lense. I'm looking to upgrade and move on now.I'll give some more background and what I intend to shoot most often to help with this.

    -Automotive, I attend lots of car meets and track events. Lots of full shot and close ups of cars, need wider than the 28mm. For on track shots I need a minimum of a 200mm lense on the 1.6 crop. I tend to use the 300 at its max right now. A higher MP camera might allow me to just crop more though and get away with less. a good continuous auto focus is important as well. MY setup right now does not do this well and I'm not sure if its the body or the lense, probably the later.

    -Concert, I quit my band in March but would like to start shooting at some of their shows, the venues are almost always dark with lots of different lighting and smoke. Thinking about a wide angle large aperature rpime lense most likely for the shows?

    -Architecture, I'm a sucker for cool buildings and architecture, I figure for the most part lenses that fit here also work as all around general shooting.

    -Budget, I'm not trying to be a cheapskate but also not going to the high end, I jsut can't justify that cost.

    -Filters, I figure a cir pol. filter would be nice. I was curious if anyone uses them outdoors with a flash as well because I think that would give some nice contrast and color when shooting cars while cutting down the reflections.


    1. I was thinking of keeping with Canon and doing a gradual upgrade process. My thought was that first I would pick up a canon 17--40 f/4L at a nice all around and automotive shooting lense, I figure that could be used at concerts as well most likely with flash. NExt I was thinking of getting a nice flash, 430ex maybe? and third a new body, I would really like more AF points and more megapixels never hurts. I'm indecisive between the XTi and the 30D, could use some help deciding between them if I go this route. Then I would add more lenses to the collection, not sure which yet. I figure I'll suck it up and go with some good quality glass. I was thinking a wide angle large aperature lense for shooting concerts without flash and getting some cool shots? all ideas welcome.

    2. I was thinking of possible switching over to the Sony Alpha A100. That camera really intrigues me and I like the built in IS. The bad grain at higher ISO doesn't make me happy but shouldn't be a problem anyway. I don't know if I'm not going to like my lense options as much or exactly how it compares to the Canons. It does have lots of nice features for the price and the reviews I've read are all seemingly very good. I don't mind making a switch now while I only have the one canon body and lense because I would be selling both of them anyway when I get new equipment. I figure if I'm going to make a change now is the time to do it. I havn't thought too much about the lenses yet if I went this route.

    OK Thats plenty for now. I appreciate any advice, thanks much!!

    edit: I'll upload some pics to my gallery just to give an idea of what I tend to shoot.
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    Re: Upgrade Path - Lots of questions...

    If you want my opinion? I'm hardcore anti-canon and even I will recommend you stick with it- get a 30D.
    the 30D has great features, far better than the XTi. It's always great to have a higher capacity battery and not need to use the main LCD for everything. It has better high ISO performance, great resolution and highlight detail, really it's great.

    The A100 is, IMHO, a first generation paperweight. the images coming out of it at anything above ISO 200 show me that Sony hasn't the faintest idea what they're doing with DSLR processing- they make great sensors, they just don't know how to implement them as well as say Pentax, Nikon, and even their purchase Minolta did. Maybe I sound a bit extreme, but I haven't seen anything that bad come out of a DSLR chip in years. It will not be satisfactory for the work you're aiming for.

    Also the lens lineups are vastly different. Sony inherited the minolta line, but it has some weaknesses and flaws, and the prices are ridiculously expensive for anything of quality. Both Canon and Nikon have superior choice and equal or better lenses with much lower prices.
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    Re: Upgrade Path - Lots of questions...

    Well it looks like you definitely have given it a lot of thought. I'm a Canon guy so I'll recommend Canon because of their lens selection.

    I have the 17-40 and although I fell in love with it at first, it seems to fall into the "jack of all trades, master of none" category. I'd recommend going with a couple fast primes (20mm f/2.8, 28mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.4) to fit the bill.

    As for the XTi vs. 30D debate, from what I'm hearing it seems to mostly come down to fit and construction differences. XTi being smallish and lighter, 30D having better construction. Paper specs alone will not give the total picture.

    Hope that helps.
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    Re: Upgrade Path - Lots of questions...

    alright so I couldn't sleep well last night so I dedicated it to research. I think I'm sticking with canon. Really did not care for the lense choices going the sony direction. I read a lot about the XTi and the 30D and think I'll take the plunge on the 30D. I really like the idea of the magnesium body, the dual screens and the controls.I actually played with one just a little bit yesterday at a car meet and really liked it. I do plan on adding the verticle grip as well.

    I'm just not sure I'm ready to dive into all primes just yet. I tihnk moving to some high quality zooms would be a good next step. I really can't afford multiple lenses just yet so if I go prime I really limit myself.

    Any tips for advancing my photos as too? And recomendations for concert pics, I really havn't done much there besides basic point and shoot.

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    Re: Upgrade Path - Lots of questions...

    I'm a Pentax diehard, and even with the K10D coming out I'm going to recommend you stick with Canon, since you already have Canon glass and are used to their system.

    Each system has it's quirks, and if you're used to Canon then you'd be more comfortable with that brand. I don't particularly like the Canon lineup, but plenty of people do so it can't be that bad!

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    Re: Upgrade Path - Lots of questions...

    if in body stabilization rocks your boat.. change to pentax.. either the k100d or the k10 it dosnt matter..


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