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Toshiba Corp said it was hacked by the slotxo ออโต้ DarkSide ransomware group, eclipsing the announcement of a strategic review for the Japanese conglomerate under pressure from shareholders moving to find a partner.Toshiba Tec Corp , which makes products such as barcode printers and is valued at $ 2.3 billion, was hacked by DarkSide, a group widely believed to be behind the recent colonial pipeline attack. Of the French said.However, the additional information that the job data is missing is only negligible.

There are about 30 groups in DarkSide that are trying to hack the company all the time, and they have this time with Toshiba," said Takashi Yoshikawa, senior malware analyst at Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions.Employees who access corporate computer systems from home during the pandemic make companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks.A screenshot of a DarkSide post made by the cybersecurity firm said more than 740 gigabytes of data was compromised and that included passports and other personal information.Reuters was unable to access DarkSide's public website on Friday, security researchers said many of DarkSide's websites were inaccessible.

Ransomware attacks have increased in number and demand, with hackers encrypting data and seeking cryptocurrency payments to unlock. They also release more and more stolen data or threaten not to pay more.Ireland's health service said Friday it had shut down its IT systems after what it described as a "critical" ransomware attack.
Investigators in the US colonial case said the attack software was distributed by DarkSide, which included Russian speakers, and avoided hacking targets in the former Soviet Union. DarkSide helped "its affiliates" penetrate the target elsewhere. Manage ransom negotiations and information releases Read more about studying in Pakistan

Strategic review

Amid claims from shareholders for offers from potential suitors, it was clear after canceling a $ 20 billion private bid from CVC Capital this year, Toshiba said it was setting up a strategic audit committee. And appointed UBS () as financial advisor The review will be conducted by an independent director and is designed to help the committee consider new business plans that management will propose by October.The CVC proposal faces fierce opposition within the company, a treatment plan seen by some executives as aimed at protecting former CEO Nobu Akikuru Matani from activist shareholders.

In a briefing by the company on Friday, 3D Investment Partners and Farallon Capital Management, its second and third shareholders, respectively, both criticized Toshiba for being reluctant to consider the proposal to keep it private.Chief Executive Officer Satoshi Tsunakawa replied that the company "does not hesitate to consider proposals to add value to the organization, including privacy.The source said other private investors such as KKR & Co Inc (KKR.N) and Bain Capital were interested in Toshiba.