Toca Football Raises To Power Football Giants And Entertainment Facilities-euro-2020-schedule-groups-venues-how-watch-globally.jpg

Toca Football, a 9-year-old company based in SLOTXO Costa Mesa, California. It operates 14 sports centers across the United States focused on football coaching, has raised $40 million in Series E financing to roughly double the number of facilities.

It is now operational in the United States. Like opening a UK website that CEO Yoshi Maruyama describes as "A themed dining and entertainment venue that focuses on football training.

Maruyama knows a thing or two about creating destinations that people love. Prior to joining Toca, which was founded by former American footballer Eddie Lewis (“toca” means first touch of the ball in football),

Maruyama spent six years as Dreamworks head of global venue entertainment. 14 years before that, he was SVP of Universal Parks & Resorts.