Tidal turbine 'The most powerful in the world' sailed out of Dundee.-_118159062_77de4439-f4fd-4bc4-a632-8302d64619b8.jpg

The hydro turbine, which the เข้าเกม slotxo manufacturer says is the most powerful in the world, has embarked on its journey from Dundee to Orkney. The 680-ton Orbital O2, 72 meters (236 feet) long, has been assembled at Dundee harbor in the past 18 months.It will be anchored near Orkney, where it will produce enough electricity to power 2,000 homes.The tidal turbines are hauled from Dundee and arrive at Orkney over the weekend.

The superstructure of the turbine floats on the surface of the water with propellers attached to its legs.These will draw energy from the water current flowing through it.Andrew Scott, Chief Executive of Orbital Marine Power, said: “We've been developing this technology here in the UK for over 15 years.Right now we are looking to sell these units and sell commercial and competitive electricity, and the turbines are the first part of that process.

Mr Scott said Orkney was the perfect place to rearrange the turbines He said: “The company's headquarters are located there. But Orkney is located in the strongest current in the world.There's a pretty ferocious sea all around it, making it the best place in the world where you can develop and test these technologies.The floating structures are held on top of the station by a four-point mooring system, with each mooring chain being strong to lift more than 50 double decker buses.

Electricity is transferred from the turbines through dynamic cables to the seabed and then through static cables to the local onshore electrical network.This is the road to trade for us," said Mr Scott. What we really need is market support to allow us to build and install more of these along the UK coast.Of course, we think there is a lot of power in the UK to help the UK transition to net zero.