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    Sep 2020

    Streamlit Raises $ 35 Million Series B to Expand Machine Learning Platform

    Streamlit Raises $ 35 Million Series B to Expand Machine Learning Platform-machine-learning.jpg

    As a company founded by data scientists, Streamlit may be in a unique position to develop tools to help companies build machine learning applications. For starters developed open source projects. But today, the startup announced an expansion of a new commercial offering and $ 35 million in Series B funding.

    Sequoia led the investment with โปรโมชั่น slotxo help from previous investors Gradient Ventures and GGV Capital.Today's round raised the total to $ 62 million, according to company data.Data scientists can download open source projects and build machine learning applications. But it takes some level of technical ability for every part to work, said Adrien Treuille, the company's co-founder and CEO, said so far

    the company has 20,000 active developers per month using open source tools to develop.A streaming app with millions of views.Since they are gaining traction, they have customers who want to use commercial services. "It's nice to have free stuff and you can use it right away, but not all companies can associate that with a commercial offering," explains Treuille.The company's CEO and co-founder Amanda Kelly said the commercial offering, called Streamlit for Teams,

    was designed to eliminate some of the complexities associated with using open-source applications. ]All how do I deploy the app? Put it in a container, make sure it's scaled, have resources, and securely connect to data sources [...], which are completely different skill sets. That's DevOps and IT skill set, ”she said.What Streamlit for Teams does is take care of everything behind the scenes for end users, so they can focus on the app building part of the equation without the help of the company's technical department to deploy.

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    Re: Streamlit Raises $ 35 Million Series B to Expand Machine Learning Platform

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