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Spotify is rolling out paid podcast support, Amazon announces a new tablet, and we're releasing an agenda for TC Sessions: Mobility.This is your Daily Crunch on April 27, 2021.Big deal: Spotify adds support for paid podcasts.As first announced in February, Spotify now allows podcasts to offer members-only content, distributed through the Anchor podcasting software.Creators choose from three tiers of subscriptions - $ 2.99, $ 4.99, or $ 7.99 per month.This comes a week after Apple announced support for paid podcast subscriptions, but Apple said it would take 30% of the subscription in the first year and 15% after Spotify said it would send revenue. 100% to podcasts for the first two years with a 5% fee only, starting in 2023.

Tech giants

Amazon released a new slotxo Fire tablet and kids' model - the Fire HD 10 thinner and lighter than its predecessor, with prices starting at $ 150.Tesla wants to make every home have a distributed power plant - CEO Elon Musk said he wants to turn every home into a distributed power plant that will produce, store and even send energy back into the electric grid, all using its products. company Red Hat CEO aims to maintain double-digit growth in the second year - Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier is at the center of IBM's hopes of transformation.

Startup, fundraising and venture capital Child-focused fintech greenlight raised $ 260 million in a16z-led Series D, nearly doubling to $ 2.3 billion since it launched its children's debit card in 2017. Establish accounts for more than 3 million parents and children.Kry shut down a $ 312 million Series D after the use of telehealth tools grew 100% yoy - during the pandemic, Kry quickly stepped in to offer a free service for doctors in web-based consultations.Banana Capital's launch fund is for the first internet founder.You may know him from his viral tweet, but Turner Novak wasn't always a meme-maker.

Advice and Analysis from Extra Crunch

The U.S. new tech hub's internal yields are beginning to outpace Silicon Valley - AngelList analyzed IRRs for nearly 2,500 proposals dating back to 2013.Fifth Wall's Brendan Wallace and Hippo's Assaf Wand talk about proptech's greatest opportunity - both joined us to discuss questions like: What should proptech founders think about the strategic investment competition? With top VC companies and how to create their boards.A SaaS subscription may serve your customers in the short term.Adam Riggs states that software as a service may be slightly interchangeable with a subscription model.(Extra Crunch is our loyalty program that keeps founders and startups moving forward.You can apply here.)

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Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 - Our guests will feature Alexandr Wang, Scale AI founder, Zoox co-founder and CTO Jesse Levinson, Amy Jones Satrom of Nuro and renowned investor Reid Hoffman.Gathering VC industry advancements on diversity, equality and inclusion - see VC Human Capital Survey from the National Venture Capital Association, Venture Forward and Deloitte.