South Asia streaming service Zee5 launches in the US.-launching_june_22.jpg

The service will bring 130,000 hours of
Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi programming to audiences in the United States. including original list, songs, bollywood movies Health and lifestyle

content As well as more than two decades of popular TV shows, Zee5's arrival in the US after beta testing will make Zee5 a premier destination for programming in South Asia. with names in more than 18 languages

While most of the content on the service is available with English subtitles and some content is currently touted, Zee5 Global's chief business officer Archana Anand told The Verge on Tuesday that the service is likely to More will be dubbed in English in the future as well.

The platform includes both classic and contemporary genres and storytelling in multiple languages. The service was launched in over 190 countries in 2018, but is not yet available in the US. in May

The parent company of the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited service reports that Zee5 has 72.6 million monthly active users and 6.1 million daily active users as of March 2021.