Sony's new prime lens is the little helper I'm looking for.-bfarsace_042221_4548_01.jpg

The new Sony 24mm f / 2.8, 40mm f / 2.5 and 50mm f / 2.5 are three new compact prime lenses for $ 599.99 and will ship in mid-May. While they maintain a reputation for quality that Sony has built with the G Master lineup, their consistency and small size make it a surprise.Consistency and size are therefore seldom a topic of discussion about lenses. As the first video creator, 67mm, 77mm and 82mm are common thread sizes in my gear bag. But it felt the same as with every new lens I bought, I had to factor in the cost of the new ND filter or the leveling ring.

All three of สล็อต these new lenses are all comfortable using the same 49mm filter thread.Then there is the weight and size. It's no secret that a bag with full-frame camera gear is heavy, and lenses don't play the slightest bit. Sony's line of G Master lenses is notoriously wrong as they are large, heavy lenses with a very premium price tag. But these three new lenses are small and light enough to fit in a compact pocket or even your jacket pocket.Each lens has an aperture click switch, an auto focus switch, a programmable button, and an aperture and focus ring. It is all-weather sealed and has a diameter of 2.5 inches (64mm)

while being only 1.8 inches (45mm) tall.This consistency is particularly useful when balancing the camera on the gimbal, which is often the case with the gimbal. Has to be rebalanced with each lens swap. I was able to rebalance my A7C on the Zhiyun Crane M2 with a 24mm mount, then switch it to 50mm to get a tighter shot without rebalancing.Weight also plays a big role here.The Zhiyun Crane M2 is a $ 200 handheld gimbal designed for phones, action cameras and point-and-shoot cameras, 24mm f / 2.8, weighing 162g (5.71 ounces), 40mm. .f / 2.5 is 173g (6.10oz), and 50mm f / 2.5 is 174g (6.13oz), adding 50mm, the heaviest of the three lenses, to the 509g A7C and that. 683g. I'm still under the Crane M2's 720g (1.58 lb) weight limit.

That gives me enough room to fit a Rode VideoMicro mic to the camera.The full-frame camera with the G Master lens on the gimbal is truly outstanding, and my arms are forever grateful.Since there are typically fewer elements in prime lenses than zoom lenses, they tend to have sharper and less chromatic aberrations.Primes tend to have larger apertures that can expose more exposure or provide distance control. More creatively in depth of field At the maximum aperture of f / 2.8 and f / 2.5, none of these three lenses will win the competition for the blurred bokeh or the most light-gathering ability, but on full-frame Sony cameras, they give. Separate between subject and background blur adequately.