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Thread: Slr Type

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    Slr Type

    What is the difference between a digital SLR and a digital SLR TYPE camera?

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    Re: Slr Type

    The slr type camera is basically and advanced point and shoot and probably looks much like a dslr. I'm not up on all of them but as far as I know you won't be able to exchange lenses, they probably still have a smaller sensor. You porbably have more ability to use manual modes. Not sure about shutter lag.

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    Re: Slr Type

    The difference isn't really clear to me unless you can give me an example. It looks to me like you're reading from a camera spec sheet and it's likely that the two are exactly the same thing. However, it could also be as Frog suggests - that the word "type" indicates the camera sort of looks and acts like a digital SLR but isn't. However, my guess is that the two descriptions mean the exact same thing.

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    Re: Slr Type

    'SLR Type' I've seen used as a gimmicky way to advertise point and shoot ultra-zooms as 'slr', they aren't, there is a distinct difference between a consumer digicam and SLR. The only Camera I think can genuinely qualify as 'SLR Type' is the Sony DSC-R1, simply because of the many things it shares in common with SLR technology (namely, APS sized image sensor). I presume you are reading this in EBay listings, if so, I'd say its just a bogus way to attach the word SLR to an ordinary point and shoot. Which particular cameras are you seeing advertised as 'SLR type'?

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    Re: Slr Type

    I have heard of advanced point and shoot cameras referred to as "slr type". I think it basically means that you have more controls over the final outcome than you do with your everyday p & s, similar to a real slr. However, there is still a large difference.
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