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    Sigma Wide angle zoom review the 8-16mm HSM

    I was searching for a review of the new Sigma 8-16mm HSM when I realized that I might be one of the first to own this lens since I didn't find any reviews.

    However since I already run a photo website as a hobby I decided to try to
    write my own review the result can be found here: The Sigma 8-16mm F4.5 - 5.6 HSM review slugger style!

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    Re: Sigma Wide angle zoom review the 8-16mm HSM

    That's a very nice, detailed review. I am impressed with the amount of optical testing you did. I think you did a great job and it's a very useful review. I would be very pleased if you would also write a user review here, though. User reviews are the foundation of this site and if we don't have any Sigma 8-16mm lens reviews yet, your review would be that much more valuable. You could also include the URL for your own review in the user review

    Here's a link for the Sigma 8-16mm user reviews page:

    Thanks for sharing your review and thanks in advance for writing a user review for the new lens. I hope we'll see more of you here!

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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    Re: Sigma Wide angle zoom review the 8-16mm HSM

    Agreed, very good review. The difference between 8 and 10mm as you show is pretty significant. I wonder what it would look like on a full frame body. Wonder how big the vignetting would be.

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    Re: Sigma Wide angle zoom review the 8-16mm HSM

    I agree, its a useful review and thank you but I think the sample pictures are doctored, I could see sharpening artifacts in them including the one above. when it comes to camera and lens reviews I prefer seeing the original images without processing. I could be wrong.

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