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    Should i get the 550D?

    Heya guys and girls. Im new to this forum. My name is Nick and ive decided to take up photography.

    I have recently decided i want a nice SLR camera. That not only takes pictures but takes stunning videos. I have seen the 550D can do both of these. Im not sure what lenses to get and what i should be doing as ive just jumped into the deep end. But I would have around 700-800 to spend. What do you guys suggest. Ill be using it to film more than anything. But will be taking loads of photos.

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: Should i get the 550D?

    Welcome Nick !
    If your not in a panic to jump in, why not wait till the T3i/600D is available ?
    That way, you will have the latest, and the greatest Canon entry level DSLR available (for now), and the 'kit' lens should suffice to get you up and running. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Should i get the 550D?

    If video is the primary purpose of the camera, then the Sony SLT A33/55 hit the spot. They will be more versatile at video granted by its constant AF as well as its EVF.

    It is also possible, even likely, that the new canon 600D may have a constant AF video ability. I haven't yet heard of any information regarding it. Anyway, you could always wait for something better, but the point is to get out there and get shooting, whichever camera you pick.

    Prime lens are always a good idea, especially for video - producing creamy soft focus movements, lots of light, etc. The 50mm f/1.8 is the best value you will find, at a very practical range, its very fast. There are plenty of other fixed lens as well, which you may find suit your shooting style more (granted by range, wide/telephoto). These are available across all brands, of course.

    *edit - oh i see, the 600D was announced a couple of days ago.

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    Re: Should i get the 550D?

    The 550D shoots great video. I just purchased mine a couple weeks ago and opted for the 55-250mm lens. From the reviews I've read, the 600D isn't much different than the 550D. The 600D isn't replacing the 550D but just complimenting it. As far as performance between the two, similar. Only major differences is the swivel LCD and wireless flash.

    You can go with the 600D and have the latest model out or go with the 550D and use the bucks you save and get a nice lens, filter, hood, bag, etc. Get it online, you will save $$$ vs local stores.
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