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There are currently no plans to implement this change in League of Legends.Riot Games has updated its privacy notice and terms of service to say it can now record and monitor voice chats of players using Riot's voice communication channel, the company said on its blog. Posted on Friday, Riot said it was making changes to help reduce harassment, hate speech and other harassment behavior from players.Valorant is currently the only game from the company to use audio recordings and Riot reviews. say

"While updating the เกมสล็อตxo legal documentation will allow us to capture audio data," Riot said in the post, "League of Legends, Wild Rift and Teamfight Tactics have no plans to record or expand player voice chats. The ability to chat with voice apart from this The Legends of Runeterra party voice chat has no plans to use voice chat. "
The Privacy Notice requires all Riot gamers to accept the change. When players report disturbing or offensive behavior in voice chat, Riot will evaluate the relevant audio data to determine if "Has our behavioral deal been breached?

The company said in the post. If a player is found to be in violation, Riot will "take action", the player said when the information is available to the under-breached and unnecessary player. It needs further investigation, Riot said, "similar to the way we deal with our current text chat reports." If the company doesn't detect any violations or if the reports aren't fast enough, the data will be deleted.Creating a comprehensive gaming space means that we need to foster an environment of respect, safety and positivity for all players," Riot wrote in a blog post. "Valorant launched with comprehensive voice communication.

More than we used to League and we are very happy with how Valorant works overall, however we need a more reliable way to prevent disruptive behavior in our voice communications service.The developers said they were investigating the disruptive behavior on the proposal and found that sound assessments were a step towards making the game. "Better for everyone playing" audio recordings can be used as “Clear evidence to investigate behavioral policy violations before we take action.