The resignation letter with the rage of the cleaning worker made a support.-furious-annoyed-woman-yellow-scarf-head-green-gloves-holding-washing-spay-sponge-having-ang.jpg

A letter of resignation from the slotxo ผ่านเว็บ cleaner left for her boss went viral on Twitter, with people speaking out against treating poor support staff.Julie Cousins ​​walked out of her job as an HSBC cleaner on Friday after 35 years, according to her son Joe.In her journal, the 67-year-old wrote that she was leaving due to being held by a manager. "Undressed" in the office HSBC it could not comment on the individual personnel issue. But I'm trying to understand what's going on.

Ms Cousins ​​wrote in the memo that the treatment she experienced was "Nothing more than being aggressive and cruel.So, anyway, please keep everyone in mind - in a world where you can be anything, have mercy because you are not all better than the cleaner.
She told Mail Online that she is retiring, and although some people may think it is "Little housekeeping", but she relied on it during the five years she spent at the HSBC branch.Her relatives emphasized that she felt the housekeeping was often "forgotten" by other people at work.

She added that she decided to leave after a heartbreaking incident for the manager because she wanted to work with people she felt comfortable with.Her son's Twitter post shared a memoir of Ms Cousins' resignation, sparking a chorus on social networks, attracting more than 3,000 comments.Many users said their parents, children and coworkers were poorly treated in the role of support workers, such as housekeeping, attendant, janitor, security guard and receptionist.When interviewing job seekers, I always ask the hostess how they have been treated by the applicant.

The attitude test" was not successful, "said Tim, a retired businessman and engineer in the West Midlands.Cleaner Tracy Sadler said she "loved" the record that Mrs Cousins ​​wrote.I'm a clean [there]] three part-time jobs and sometimes cruel," she wrote on Twitter.We, as cleaners, keep the world and all their buildings, shops and homes clean - cleaners are important too.Several users said it is important to try to chat with housekeeping and other support staff at work by treating them as coworkers instead of poor workers.

They add that doing so leads to a pleasant work environment, a feeling of intimacy, and even a cleaner office to work on. Parliamentary trade union secretary Frances O'Grady: “Cleaning workers played a key role during this pandemic, keeping workplaces and public spaces safe, often at high risk.Employers and governments need to do more to value the contributions of these critical, neglected workers.She added that more needed to be done to improve pay and terms: "It was wrong for many cleaners to pay less and contracts that were not safe.