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Thread: rebel xt or d20

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    rebel xt or d20

    i had the original digital rebel d300. Liked it, but the auto focus died on it....luckily, i was able to return the camera and now find my self in a funny situation. I have read a lot about the close comparison of the d20 and the new rebel. The d20 seems to shoot a bit faster, process faster, and has a more rigid feel (which is important)....however, at close to 450$ difference, the new rebel seems to classify in a new rank much similar to the d20. I still have the battery grip from my original rebel, of which i am sure is useless now? Would love to hear that it would fit the d20 but i won't hold my breath on that. As well, i have a spare battery which would fit the d20...The new rebel seems like starting over....but all said, is the d20 really worth the difference? Anyone have first hand knowlege on this? Would getting the new rebel be a better decision or a step backward?

    thanks all

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    Re: rebel xt or d20

    I have the XT and love it. I questioned myself a few time and did much research, just to find that if you are going to go with the D20 its not worth the price. Almost everything is the same minus the size. If your not shooting alot of sports/action shots the xt will do just fine, actually if you look at some of my action shot i feel it does good for me at this point in time. My next is the 5D if they dont come out with something else by the time i can afford it!

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    Re: rebel xt or d20

    the xt is a beauty. i own one and i can only say good things about it. it comes down to the prices i guess, how much are you willing to pay. dont forget about the 5,434,435,134 accessories that comes with a camera.

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    Re: rebel xt or d20

    I have both, and I can solidly tell you that your choice depends on what you're going to be shooting. I bought my XT thinking that it would be an improvement over the 300D for action photography. It was, but within a month, I found myself being limited by camera's short comings.

    The 20D has a few features that you won't find on the XT such as Color Temperature selection and ISO 3200. Neither of these is very important - it was the FPS, buffer size, and control setup that got me to upgrade. There isn't much difference in image quality between the two cameras - I've printed some very nice 11x14 inch images using both.

    If you're not going to be doing a lot of action photography, save yourself the $450 and buy the XT. It's small, lightweight, and is good enough to handle most things that you'll end up throwing at it.
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