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The Scottish Chamber of Commerce (SCC) says many businesses find it impossible to keep up with soaring energy prices after Brexit and Covid.SCC Chief Executive Liz Cameron called for more support for businesses in the budget on Wednesday.

The government said it was monitoring the situation incredibly closely.Dr Cameron has written to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak calling for the highest energy bids for small and medium-sized businesses.

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'crisis point'

Dr Cameron said: "In the past few weeks The UK has reached a critical point on gas and electricity prices. and various business sectors can feel the consequences Many businesses in Scotland are still operating in survival mode and are still recovering from the dual challenges of leaving

the UK from the EU and the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic.It is impossible for companies to keep up with the exorbitant energy price increases. And these cost pressures put many businesses under enormous pressure.

And as a result, these growing cost pressures are being directed to more and more consumers.She called on the UK government to support the winter business recovery.In a letter to Mr Sunak, Dr Cameron said businesses needed urgent support to mitigate rising costs.