Poundland says one tenth of the product is not a pound.-poundland-1.jpg

About 10% of Poundland products are no longer priced at 1, the discount retailer said.

Poundland moved away from pricing everything at 1 in 2017 and now sells some items between 50p and 10 to compete with rivals such as B&M and Wilko.

Company owner Pepco said sales have continued to grow over the past six months. despite the coronavirus outbreak

Dealz, a Poundland subsidiary and its European affiliate, saw sales increase 1.4% in the six months to the end of March.Although many shops are restricted to spread the epidemic

Some shoppers are wary of going to shopping centers and high streets, where they think the risk of infection is higher, the company said.But Pepco's chief executive Andy Bond said the pandemic has given the group more confidence in the future.

[After] the turmoil of certain elements of society using the savings they have accumulated after the epidemic It almost certainly has to be a straitjacket from most people. So there will be more price cuts, he said.