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    Point and Shot VS Digital SLR

    At the moment I have a casio ex-z600 point and shoot camera, and i was wondering if i got something like a canon 30d or 20d would I notice a $1000 difference. I love taking action shot and scenery. My casio actually does a good job at at taking both kinds of shots. I know the dslr will be able to take 3-5fps in burst yes that is one of the reasons im looking at dsrl. So I want to know what else makes a dslr so much better than a P&S. Im also super exited about learning how to use a dslr so manual mode would be a definate selling point. What it really comes down to is I want to know is it worth it for me to get a DSLR and would I notice the deference. Also my parents have a 35mm canon slr film camera and i was wondering if the lens would work if i did end up getting a canon dslr.


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    Re: Point and Shot VS Digital SLR

    Reason a DSLR will outpreform a P&S,

    1. Vast array of lenses that will cover any shooting situation. (Sports & wildlife to name just a couple)

    2. Much improved quality of lenses over P&S lenses. Yes you will pay for top quality

    3. Vast array of accessories that allow you to be far more creative.

    4. Vast amout of features that again allow you to be more creative with your photography. Spot metering, broader ISO range, broader shutter speed range, faster FPS range, various methods of auto focusing. (Yes some P&S cameras have some of these thing in a limited way)

    5. Wider range of lighting options.

    6. Buying a DSLR is not buying a camera. A P&S no matter what the features, is buying a camera. When you out grow it, you buy an new camera. Buying a DSLR is buying a system. When you outgrow a DSLR body you replace it. If you buy good glass and take care of it, then the lenses will last for ever. Also if you decide for what ever reason to upgrade to a new body, you can keep the old body for a second camera or a backup should you need one. I shoot sports for one of the local small colleges and having one body with my 70-200mm telephoto on it and a second body on my shoulder with a 17-50mm makes life a lot easier.

    Finally the size of the digital sensor. 99.9% of non-SLR digital cameras...have a very small sensor. This generally makes for a lower image quality...especially at higher ISO settings. A 'digi-cam' is usually at it's practical limit by ISO 400...while a good DSLR is still usable at ISO 1600.

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    Re: Point and Shot VS Digital SLR

    "My casio actually does a good job at taking both kinds of shots."

    Then I think you're fine where you are. Stepping up to a DSLR will give you faster shots, better lenses, more control, more flash and lighting options, etc. But once you make that jump, you are invested in a system that can eat $$ up like no other. Lenses run from the hundreds to the thousands, each. Make sure that the jump in quality will be worth the $1000 initial investment, plus more accessories and add-ons down the line (once you get started, it's hard to stop.) If your Casio is doing a good job for you, stay with that. If there's something you cannot do and are consistently running up against a wall becasue you are limited by your equipment, then it's time to upgrade.

    Run down to the local photography store and rent a DSLR for a day. Go out shooting with it, side by side with your Casio. Print or view the results. That might give you your answer.

    Good luck
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