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Thread: Please Help Me

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    Please Help Me

    First, let me say I would consider myself a beginner to casual photographer with aspirations of being better. I am self learning with the help of some books and the internet. Currently I have a Nikon N65 with a 28-80 and 80-300 (or something like that, I am not 100% positive). Anyway, I have been thinking/wanting to go digital for eas of use. I know have a new motivation to make the upgrade, I am going to Antigua this June to get married and want to take alot of pictures. I am unsure which camera to get between the d50 and d70 or d70s (not sure what the difference is between the 70 and 70s). I am sure you have heard these debates and get asked all the time but it would really help me out. Also, any lense (reasonable priced, I am paying for all of the wedding and everything else) recommendations would help me alot.



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    Re: Please Help Me

    The D70 has been discontinued and replaced by the D70s. It has a bigger LCD screen and a place to plug in a remote (versus the wireless on the D70, and I see that as an advantage). I'm not familiar enough with either to tell you a whole lot about them, but I know of people that are very happy with the D50. I think it uses SD memory cards where most other DSLR's use Compact Flash cards.

    Probably not a big deal to you, but I wouldn't get one just for that reason - I have a ton of c/f cards and wouldn't want to have to buy a bunch of new memory cards. We'll probably see more SD cards in SLR's in the future though. One isn't any better than the other, just a different format.

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