Pet lions seized in Cambodia after TikTok video-_119112679_203058639_2065937303545380_3136069907611104767_n.jpg

Cambodian authorities have confiscated an illegally bred lion as a pet. The latter was seen hugging and bathing in a social media video.

Officials said the slotxo animal was imported by Chinese and was being reared at a home in the capital Phnom Penh.They began their investigation in April. After a video of a 70 kg lion (11) was found on TikTok

The 18-month-old animal was moved to a wildlife rescue center. Authorities have yet to announce that owners will face any legal action.

Environment Ministry spokesman Neth Phakditra told AFP that the images shared on TikTok showed a lion sitting in a driveway and being injected with a hose as a baby.

People have no right to keep rare wild animals as pets, he said. Animal rescue NGO Wildlife Alliance wrote in a Facebook post that "housing conditions are not suitable for wildlife.

Furthermore, the lion's canine tooth was removed along with its claws. This greatly reduced the quality of life for the lions.