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It might be time for slotxo download neighborhood restaurants and cafes to start thinking about the subscription business - at least according to a new Y Combinator-backed startup called Per Diem, the company is announcing today. Raised $ 2.3 million in seed funding led by Two Sigma Ventures.As co-founder Tomer Molovinsky said Per Diem helped local businesses "build their own Amazon Prime," he said he and co-founder / CTO Doron Segal started working at this time during the pandemic. This is because local businesses are willing to consider new models to increase loyalty and make purchases on a regular basis.

Not that this is a whole new concept. In fact, Molovinsky said a number of the startup's early customers had already offered their own subscriptions, such as Norman's Farm Market with a Produce CSA subscription or IVX Coffee, with programs focused on glass refills. That can be reused with coffee But apparently these programs are often managed through spreadsheets or "old school Rolodex" making them more difficult to manage as they grow, so Per Diem built software to handle things like ordering, receiving / Delivery and payment

Today, we support both local and local shipping, and then we plan to build that [ready] integration, delivery partner and delivery partner, ”Molovinsky said. The main basis is that. That this is a brick and mortar business. That is the best of the difference.In other words, Per Diem focuses on creating a strong in-store experience for its members because that's where they build a real relationship with the business.I don't want to build a future where I get all my food from warehouses in other states,” adds Seagull. "I want to say 'Oh, I got food from John, I got coffee from Linda.

Per Diem said that after Norman's Farm Market used the software to offer subscriptions, vegetable boxes on the website sold more than 500 subscriptions in the first month alone, and IVX is now able to offer subscriptions to a menu of espresso, matches and coffee. (Drip and Bean) is fully loaded with the average subscriber enters the store five days a week.Founders of Per Diem Doron Segal and Tomer Molovinsky.Image Credit: Per Day.The startup currently focuses on New York.

But it has already worked with businesses in Phoenix and Washington, D.C., and Molovinsky said there were no real geographic restrictions.In the end, he said he hoped to create "Added value" to businesses, which can ultimately mean promoting different subscriptions or subscriptions across the area.We want to focus on what we can unlock to "They're struggling with email marketing, so we add tools like that to our system. Over time, we can build our systems to strengthen our customer-business relationship. Next "