OpenAI Upgrades Natural Language AI Codex and Launches Private Beta-parallels-between-sports-coding-min.jpg

OpenAI has made some big changes to Codex, the AI-powered cryptographic assistant the company announced last month. The system now accepts commands in plain English and outputs the live action code.

Or you can start with
your favorite game first. But it is recommended to start a game that is easy to play. to prevent in the event of a mistake and even if the return is not high like a popular game that sages play But it's more secure.

Let others create games or web apps without naming variables. Some lucky coders This new Codex API will be able to kick the tires in this new private beta for free.

Codex is OpenAI's universal language tool, GPT-3, but is trained on code only. instead of general written content This allows it to do things like the whole code or the whole section. But when it was announced It's not something non-coders can easily interact with.

That's changed with this new API, which interprets common everyday requests like "get the ball off the side of the screen" or "download that data using the public API and sort by date" and include the action code. in a dozen languages

I was treated to a live demo where OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman (CTO) and Wojciech Zaremba (Codex Head) built a simple game from scratch and explained what was going on behind the curtain.