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Thread: Nikon D70S Help

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    Nikon D70S Help

    Hey There Everyone,

    I am totally new to this forum and I already like what I see, I also am really hoping that you may help me out. I am currently looking to by a Nikon D70s and I was wondering if any of you would be able to give me the low down on this camera and if I should be maybe considering buying something else. I am a total amature when it comes to photography and dont know that much about camera's.

    Is the D70's still considered a good camera in todays industry of photograpy? and just how big of a picture can 6.2 mp do? I am looking to maybe try to getting wedding photography and am wondering if this camera would be able to give people pictures that are worth their money. Could someone please help me and point me into the right direction. Here is the package that I am looking at used...

    Perfect condition Nikon D70s and Zoom lense DX Nikkor AF-S 18-70 mm, charger, two batteries, UV filter, cable release, cable, manuals, original packaging and transferable extended warranty valid for another 11 months with Henry's on the body.

    This person is asking to get 500.00 bucks but I too would have to drive three hours to get it. should I just keep looking or is this a really good deal? Anything and everything for feed back would really be appreciated as soon as possible, I am supposed to give an answer tommorow if I want to buy it or not. Thank you already for just taking the time to read through this.

    In Need Of Help About Cameras

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    Re: Nikon D70S Help

    Not a great deal at all... Its not a bad deal, but not a good one either. 6.2 Mpix is a lot, but gives you little room for cropping; it also limits your ability to develop through photoshop (though, in contrast also is easier to work in photoshop). You may want a 10-14 Mpix alternative, which would also offer better noise and tonal range performance. The D70s was a great model, but its also a few generations old. Current models worth looking into at that price point are the

    Canon Rebel XS/XSi
    Nikon D80/D90
    Sony Alpha A200/A300
    Olympus E-520

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