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    Talking Nikon D300S Vs canon 7D

    Hey everyone!

    I have been looking into the new canon 7D, but there alot of people out there sayin that the D300S is better! What is everyones opinion on this? Which camera do people prefer, this is a post mainly to see what people are thinkin of the comparison of the two (it has to be said, pretty awsome) top aps-c cameras. However I am lookin at buyin one of them, I'm leaning towards the canon myself. There seems to be a big arguement over weather the 18MP of the canon is to much or not. And the iso difference in both cameras are both very good! I would love to hear what you guys think!?
    I look forward to hearing from you all!


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    I think it depends on what you want to shoot. If you're shooting action, then I think the 7D is better. If image quality is more important than speed and accuracy, then I'd go with the Nikon. And if you already have a lens investment in either make, then I'd let that determine the camera choice.

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    Re: Nikon D300S Vs canon 7D

    Very few people on the forum will have actually used both, especially as they are pretty recent. And what is useful here is having actual experience of the material.

    I use the D300. I was delighted when Canon came out with the 7D because it is so similar, even down to the gridlines in the viewfinder by LCD screen. It confirmed the concept of having the choice in mid-range cameras between APS-C (D300s/7D) and 24x36 (D700/5D). And Canon reinforced this direction by bringing out a new APS-C lens to go with the camera (15-85 IS).

    If I were you I would go and try them out rather than poring over the technical specifications. These cameras are complex tools and yet you have to be able to master them easily. See which one you feel most at home with in your hands.

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    Re: Subject?

    Quote Originally Posted by Photo-John
    If you're shooting action, then I think the 7D is better.

    Why do you think the 7D is better for shooting action, if I may ask?

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