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    Nikon or Canon that right?

    Hi all. I just the DSLR beginner and looking for the 1st camera. I comparing between Nikon D5000 and Canon 500D. As i talked to my friend, he said the basic of Nikon camera has more colorful than Canon camera so its suitable for whom like to take picture of nature and landscape (I saw the picture of cloud that took with both Nikon and Nikon. The Nikon's pict looked very beatiful ) however, if U use canon camera, you must have some skill to take picture of nature like as Nikon. So I need to know about other style (portrait, low light) what difference between Nikon & Canon. Who had experience about this? Please share.

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    Re: Nikon or Canon that right?

    Though there are compromises in things like color vs. high ISO, I think that you will find all modern DSLRs capable of producing an excellent image. Look for things like the 'feel' of the camera, ergonomics that work for you and features that make it easier for you. - TF
    I am no better than you. I critique to teach myself to see.
    Feel free to edit my photos or do anything else that will help me learn.
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    Re: Nikon or Canon that right?

    I would disagree.
    The standard settings may be different, with sharpness, colour, and contrast all set to 0.
    I find that Nikon images tend to have more prominent reds out of the camera with no adjustments.
    But if you use the camera settings, or adjust the images afterwards on your computer with a tool like Lightroom, then there's no difference.
    At least at the beginner level.

    On the most expensive cameras (several thousands apiece, not hundreds) you will find differences, but not at the level you're likely to spend as a beginner.

    The best way to choose it to go to a camera store and handle the cameras.
    I discovered that I don't like the Nikon design with the control wheel on the front of the grip below the shutter release. While the rest of the camera fit my hands really well, I couldn't work that wheel.
    But while the Canon felt more blocky in my hand, and didn't feel comfortable, I could work all the controls with no problems.
    So I bought Canon, not Nikon.
    I haven't regretted it.

    But for you, it may be different.

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    Re: Nikon or Canon that right?

    There are a lot of ways to see which camera is the best for you. Many people use Canon for their very useful circular control dial (not on Canons Rebels). Nikon folks often prefer it for the color matrix metering. Everybody has their own reason for choosing their system, but I've never heard anybody say 'because it takes better pictures'. If you are looking for pure raw image quality performance, you're on a camera hunt involving microscopic hair splitting work that leads nowhere (at least, if we were to relate to dollar value). The things that make each camera more unique are in function, not performance. Find out what makes the particular cameras in your range differ between each other in function first. Body stabilization, live view, magnesium build, control panel, thumb friendliness, etc.

    The two specific cameras you are looking at are very similar in nearly everything. Both I would call equal contenders for the type of photography you mention. Go to a store and see what feels best in your hand, not only in ergonomics, but in the control panel. Also, consider some of their uniqueness' - Nikons color matrix metering, Canons 3 extra megapixel (much smaller pixel density), etc.

    I've worked in professional environments with all 3 systems, Sony, Canon and Nikon. Never would the brand have made any difference to the quality of prints we could produce, nor would any client be able to notice the difference. Use and learn what you have.

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