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    New Pentax K-3 APS-C DSLR

    Pentax doesn't get as much love as they deserve. They pack more features and performance into their DSLRs than most of the competition - especially for the money. The new K-3 is a perfect example of that. I think it might even end up being one of the best APS-C DSLRs of 2013:

    Pentax K-3 Intro >>

    So what do you think? How does the new K-3 stack up against Sony, Nkon and Canon's current APS-C DSLR offerings? Is it a competitor?

    New Pentax K-3 APS-C DSLR-pentax-k3_sil-top-angle.jpg

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    Re: New Pentax K-3 APS-C DSLR

    If this had been released 4 years ago then it would have been sensational. Pentax overtakes the Nikon D300 and the Canon 7D!

    Today it's just buried by releases of other hot gear. Full-frame DSLR's, Full-frame mirrorless, pro mft, even the little Sony RX10 make more exciting news. Yes its interesting to people who shoot APS-C DSLR's because it's probably the best one on the market.

    Perhaps it will push Canon and Nikon to release something equivalent as a low-end pro sports camera.

    Nikon D800, D7200, Sony RX100m3
    Not buying any more gear this year. I hope

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