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    New here and looking for a DSLR

    Hello, I am new here and new to photography and I have been wanting to get a DSLR. Ive been doing a lot of research and I am having trouble deciding. I want to get the best camera I can for the cheapest price. So I am down to 4 models.
    D3000, D5000, Canon XSI, Canon T1i

    Now I dont really care for the video, Id rather just buy a cam corder, but are the features on the T1i and 5000 that much better? Will the difference in photos be that significant?

    I cant really find a bad review of any of these cameras, ive handled them all in teh store and they all feel fine. Costco has a package deal for $900 bucks with a lens, bag and 4g mem card for the T1i and 5000.

    I was just wondering what you all recommend. Thank you

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    Re: New here and looking for a DSLR

    The T2i has a more thorough metering function, as well as faster AF, higher res sensor and LCD, as well as better on-body control vs the XSi, all make it well worth the extra small chunk of change. The differences between the D3000 and D5000 are pretty much the same as well. I'd personally go for the T2i, but its not like it makes a real world of difference in the big picture, in fact, big picture - it makes very little difference which of those 4 bodies you pick.

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    Re: New here and looking for a DSLR

    The D3000 and the D5000 are very similar but the D5000 has the latest sensor which incorporates better noise reduction circuits. The D5000 can go up to 3200 ISO in the standard programs with very little loss of image quality whereas the D3000 can only go up to 1600 ISO. If you work a lot indoors or in poor light that would be important to you.

    However both Nikons and the Canon T1i have the latest image processor technology (what happens after the signal comes off the sensor) whereas the Canon XSi is a generation behind - might be a reason not to choose it.

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