Sorry for yet another thread but I need some advise as I am completely new to the DSLR world.

My Wife and I are going to Europe in a couple of months and came to the realization that our little point and shoot probably wont cut it in the Alps.

We have been looking and are really leaning towards the T2i body. We were originally looking at the T1i body but everything we have read says the 130ish price difference is well worth it. That the sensor is truly better and you can actually tell a significant difference between the two image quality wise. Now is smoke being blown or is this true to an extent?

Second we almost baught a kit this past weekend and are really glad we held off because from what we have read if you use the Kit lense (18-55 one?) you are really doing the camer a dis-service.

What lenses would you guys recomend? We are trying to keep the price down around 1100 but will be willing to go higher if its truly justifiable (probably up to 13-1500). Will we be happier in the long run taking the extra 130 from the body (if we go t1i) and using it for a lense or is 130 not going to be a game breaker when looking at lenses?

Do we want an all in one (mid range telephoto) or 2 seperate lenses?

I have also been struggling with reviews on lenses because it seems like unless you are willing to spend 1400+ on a lens you will get rubbish? Is that just professionsals giving advice as if I was a proffesional? We are novices at best but both really want to get into photo.

Sorry if this is all over the place and if there is anything i left out please let me know. Thanks for the help