Netflix explores creating an online hub on original content.-seo-watch-free-link-preview.jpg

As the streaming space gets more competitive every year, Netflix may be working on an online hub to highlight the strengths of the original content. Customer surveys seen by Protocol suggest that the company is considering building a platform called N-Plus.N-Plus is a futuristic online space where you can learn more about what Netflix loves and what it is about them," the company said of the project.

The documentation suggests that the ดาวน์โหลดสล็อต xo hub may contain content such as podcasts, methods, and user-generated playlists.Netflix offers the most advice on how the playlist works. The survey indicates that you can collect your favorite TV shows and movies and share them online.The way Netflix positioned the feature suggests that the company can use the feature to attract new customers. "If the audience is not a member,

they can only see a preview of the show." The playlist feature documentation may include support for songs.Another survey shows that N-Plus users can decide the future of Netflix production. (Before filming) and influencing its development with suggestions before the filming was finished, ”the series said.When Protocol contacted Netflix about N-Plus, a spokesperson for the streaming giant said the company often polled customers about ideas that were running

behind the scenes. So don't take a survey to confirm we'll see Netflix launch an online hub for the originals. That said, it's worth noting that Netflix is ​​using platforms like Twitter and YouTube to promote its upcoming service, and even some niche social media channels have strong followers. It would not be difficult for a company to try to reach that interest from a different angle.