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    need a little help...

    I have what Iím sure is a common questions. I need help choosing the best SLR camera for me. I am looking for a camera that shoots well in low light situations. I am going to use it to take pictures of theatrical lighting. Thus low light, the down side is sometimes it gets bright on stage but, I would rather get a camera that shoots better in low light then full bright.
    I am going to edit pictures in Photoshop unless you all have a better program, or program suggestions. I will be shooting in RAW format.
    I have heard Nikon do well in fact my co workers have D60ís and D80ís. My budget is $1,000ish. I would prefer bellow but am ok with a bit above, if possible just tell my why that camera is best for this application and some neat features.
    This camera will replace my dead digital camera (not SLR) which shot movies, I doubt any of these can, but who knows I have been surprised before. If they can that would be cool to know, though itís not a requirement since I donít think it is possible.
    I would be interested to know if I would need any other lens or gadgets that would help me in this situation. I would be interested to know battery life and memory card type. Hopefully I can get something on black Friday if there is a good sale, let me know if you see any (if possible).

    Thanks for your help, I need it.

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    Re: need a little help...

    The new d90 shoots movies.
    What you will probably concerned with is 'noise' as you'll probably need to use high iso.
    I have the d80 and wouldn't recommend it for high iso.
    Can you post an example of the type of thing you'll be shooting?
    It would give us an idea of what iso and shutter speeds you'll be needing.
    I'm not sure how the d90 does with higher iso but it will cost above your budget especially since you'll probably need a fast lens, too.
    Others more knowlegable will answer this I'm sure.
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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    Re: need a little help...

    Well as for the type of work I am a designer and need to document my work I design rock concerts, dance, musicals, and normal theatrical plays, some involve some movement others are rather stagnant. These are just some examples of what I found online. Thank you

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    Re: need a little help...

    I have the D60 with a VR lens. This combination does pretty well in low light on things that don't move too much:

    1. The VR on the lens allows you to use slow shutter speeds without getting blurring due to camera shake. My most extreme example so far is 1/15s at 85mm (normally I would not go below 1/125s).
    Note that this shutter speed is too slow to stop a moving subject. If you have to shoot a moving subject then as Frog says a real low-light lens like the 50mm f1.8 is a necessity (but it won't autofocus with the D60 - look rather at the D80 or D90)
    There is now a VR version of the basic 18-55 lens, which is probably enough for your needs. Check if you can find a D60 in a kit with this lens.

    2. The D60 has the possibility to use Active DLighting in contrasty situations. This reduces the exposure to avoid losing the highlights and brightens the mid-tones to compensate

    The D60 and the D80 have the same sensor but different image processor. I find the D60 is very good at 1600ISO. It looks like 400ISO film..

    Nikon D800, D7200, Sony RX100m3
    Not buying any more gear this year. I hope

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