Hello! I'm new at SLR cams, but i want to buy one.
I need some help, to choose the right SLR Camera, and i hope you can help me!

I would use it to record some film of sport, (BMX), and i would use it to take photos of BMX and cycling..

So i think i should take 60 fps when i record.
And i should take some photos of something that go'es fast!

I think that the Canon Eos 7D, would be good, but the new Canon Eos 60D, also look great!

Do you have any proposal to what i should choose?

And what Lens should i buy to the camera? I need to zoom about 5x optical minium, and its should could auto and manual focus, and the quality need to be good.

Hope you can help me!

Regards Simon!
(Sorry my bad english, i'm a guy from Denmark..;) )