Lotus launches Emira as its conventional "last hurray" petrol sports car-_119254021_lotusemira.jpg

The sports car manufacturer Lotus has launched its new Emira model, which it calls its "last hurray" petrol car.This results in an investment of GBP 100 million in Hethel near Norwich, the manufacturer's headquarters.slotxo

Lotus said the new model was "inspired" by the electric hypercar Evija, which is to be put into operation at the end of this year.CEO Matt Windle said Lotus wants to become a "truly global performance car brand.

In 2017, the company was taken over by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and the Malaysian company Etika Automotive, with Geely having a controlling stake.Geely said an investment program worth more than GBP 2 billion would triple production in the UK and expand abroad.

Emira's goal was to increase Lotus's global appeal, especially in Southeast Asia.It described the car as "the last hurray of Lotus with internal combustion engines before it fully adopted electricity.Mr Windle previously told the BBC: "In 10 years, we will be a company focused only on electric vehicles.