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Thread: Lens Advice

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    Question Lens Advice

    I'm currently in the final process of purchasing a new Nikon D70. I've been a Nikon user for many years, and I love my Nikon FM2.

    But ... I'm trying to decide what lens(es) to get with the Nikon D70. Ideally, I'd like to buy an 18mm-300mm f1.8 lens for around $50, but unfortunately I live in the real world, and have to buy what is commercially available.

    Does anybody have any advice? Perhaps the 18-70 that comes with the camera kit is a good choice. I've also been looking at the Tokina 24-200 and the Tamron 24-135.

    I really just want a reasonable, general purpose lens that I can use for a wide range of conditions.

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    Apr 2004
    Frisco, Texas, USA

    Lightbulb Nikon, Tokina, Tamron and Sigma

    I've looked at a lot of 'general purpose' zooms, and here's my basic analysis:

    Nikon 24-120 - Sounds good, but some the reviews are not very positive. It's pretty expensive, but not too bad.

    Tokina 24-200 - Great range, but lots of talk of lack of sharpness.

    Tamron 24-135 - Generally good reviews, and Tamron makes good lenses. The price is good too.

    Sigma 24-135 - Good reviews, and f2.8 at 24mm. Unfortunately, no zoom lock, but other than that it looks really nice.

    So, it looks as if the Sigma 24-135 is the winner. Also, at $300, it's a great price. In fact, the low price actually makes me suspicious, and is the only thing slowing me down.

    There is one wrinkle ... Sigma just announced a new lens, 18-125 (f3.5). Now that sounds REALLY great. What a superb range for a D-SLR. But, I called Sigma customer service this morning, and they couldn't provide a ballpark on the price, and said that it was unlikely to be available until the end of May or beginning of June. So that probably means July or August.

    So I buy the 24-135 now, or wait until (possibly) August, and get the 18-125 (after others have used it and posted reviews).

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    I bought the 18-70 that's offered and feel it is an axcellent lens for the money. However it's good for a fairly wide (27-105) range that makes it a great all purpose lens for people shots, groups, etc.

    But if you like real close-up work or for that matter, landscapes, this lens won't cover every area you need. The DX range from Nikon is lackling in a real tele lens in the 80-200 range or even the 70-300 ED. No one argues the 2.8 80-200 is a gorgeous lens, but it's pricey. People seem divided on the 70-300 ED version from Nikon (sells for about 250-300) but for that money you can't go wrong.

    I opted for the 10.5 Fisheye (about a 16 mm on the D70) for my wide stuff, and plan to wait for a DX optomized lens at the the other end when they come out with one.

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    Apr 2004
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    Unhappy Sheesh

    I just learnt (from the nice people at B&H Photo) that the Sigma 24-135 might not work with the D70, because Sigma have not updated the CPU in some of their lenses.

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