Learn to use Facebook Messenger's new encryption options for group chats and calls.-hand-holding-iphone-facebook-messenger.jpg

Facebook will now protect all group chats. Including audio and video calls with end-to-end (E2E) encryption, not just one-to-one conversations. This means that only the people involved in the chat will be able to view the content. This is good news for your privacy.

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This will prevent third parties from snooping on your messages (including Facebook).The company has been using E2E encryption to secure two-person chats since 2016, but unlike WhatsApp or Signal, Facebook Messenger doesn't use this protocol

by default. If you want to protect your information You will need to enable This feature is rolling out and will hit your phone in the coming weeks if it hasn't already.But there's a catch: this update only allows you to turn on E2E encryption

when you create a new group chat. If you want to protect the group you belong to You will need to delete it and start again.It's a shame, but it's worth protecting the privacy of you and your friends and family. To enable E2E encryption,