While you might be wondering if you really need another screen in your life, it seems to be somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. In terms of size, price and functionality as soon as you start using your iPad (from $329),

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you truly understand how attractive it is.Usually 8 or 10 inches (or larger for pro models), these Apple branded tablets are great for flipping through eBooks, streaming TV shows, gaming, browsing the web, checking in on social media,

So it feels like an old notebook and pen. in a related note Many people pair Bluetooth keyboards as portable laptops for work or school.But you already know all of this, right? How are you interested in taking advantage of your beloved iPad?

If you want to type while holding the iPad, simply press on the virtual keyboard with both thumbs and drag it to each side of the tablet. You'll then see the keyboard split into two. By grouping the left and right parts of the keyboard together near the corners of the screen.

Now, whether you hold your iPad vertically or horizontally This will make it much easier to type using your thumb while holding the tablet at the same time. Instead of trying to stretch your thumb to reach the middle letters, such as G and H.

Additional keyboard tips

Apple keyboards help you get things done. Get more in less time while typing emails, documents, notes, etc.For example, you might see a smaller (and lighter) number or symbol above each letter, such as the letter K with a gray apostrophe above it.

instead of accessing the secondary keyboard (by tapping the keys on each side of the spacebar with ".?123" on it), swipe down the letters to type the secondary characters for that key. Much faster!