Investigating hacked "maps" of UK gun owners-_120357717_gettyimages-1217775006.jpg

Authorities are investigating after a map purporting to show the whereabouts of thousands of firearm owners in the UK was published online.Gun trading website Guntrader announced a data breach that affected more than 100,000 customers in July.

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This week, an animal rights activist blog reportedly released the information.The group has formatted the data so that mapping software can be easily imported to show each house.National Crime Agency The company, which is investigating

the data breach and its implications "aware that information has been released online as a result of a recent data breach affecting Guntrader.We are working closely with the Cyber ​​Crime Unit in the Southwest region. which is a leader in criminal

investigations to support the organization and manage any risks and the data controller, the Office of the Information Commissioner also said "Aware of potential changes in the Guntrader Ltd incident", adding "we will investigate".In an initial statement in July, Guntrader said there was no information