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    I work in a Dermatology clinic, with 4 providers. I maintain the PC network, and am the clinic photographer. I take before/after pictures of various surgical and cosmetic procedures.

    Prior to my employment, and for the past 3 years, we have used full-featured point and shoot cameras - currently using a Sony DSC-H5 that is slightly over 2 years old. I've been experiencing some quirky behaviour from this camera, and my web research of the symptoms indicates eventual expensive repairs. Therefore, I am researching a replacement. I'm considering purchasing a D-SLR, and here are my requirements:

    1. Live View is a must, and will be used as the primary method of composing shots. I am often in an odd position while making the photographs - on the floor, stooping, bending over patients, stretching, etc.

    2. Relative simplicity is important. Occasionally, the nurses in the clinic will use this camera. Again, Live View comes into play here. I want them to be able to turn it on, frame the shot, and press the button. Even with point and shoots, they don't have a good track record of getting properly focused shots. They may be successful 75% of the time. Smart as they all are, most of them don't have natural photographic instincts.

    3. Macro mode is extremely important, as I am often within 24" of the subect; therefore, my choice of lens is critical. The nature of the photographs is such that detail on an area of skin, for example, must be clear. Just the forehead, just the cheek, just that little mole on the neck, just the rash on the back of the hands, etc. I need to be back far enough that the flash doesn't obliterate, but able to zoom in just a bit - so, I'm leaning towards a 28-80 (or whatever the equivalent lens is for a D-SLR) and maybe a ring flash.

    Also - I couldn't find the "Introductions" forum that was recommended when I joined. Hope this is suitable.


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    Re: Introduction/scenario

    If you're going to be in odd positions, I'd think about a camera with a swivelling LCD.
    Maybe even the Panasonic G1 for the simplicity.

    Scroll down to the Sports Forum and post your sports pictures !

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