Intel will overtake Moore's Law C.-1635381619_intel-gaa-ribbonfet.jpg

The chipmaker wants to catch up with competitors in 2024 and overtake them in 2025.Moore's Law, a solid measure of processor progress from Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, has been beaten in recent years. return

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Moore's Law is alive and well," Gelsinger said at the company's online innovation event. "Today we are predicting that we will either sustain or go faster than Moore's Law in the next decade

We, as defenders of Moore's Law, will never stop in our path to creation.That's a clear statement from a company that has struggled to advance chip manufacturing for the past half-decade. And that has lost its lead from two other leading chipmakers,

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Samsung, a sign that Intel is willing to fight to reclaim its presence and try to add new excitement to the business. A lackluster processor